Huawei: Mother’s Day 2017

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Huawei is a well-known technological giant, one of the leading global brands in information and communications technology. One of their core values is to stay in touch with consumers and to inspire them. And they had something to say to one very special person on an important day, a day when we show our gratitude for those who gave us life, love… and wings.


Motherhood is special – whether you’re a great-grandmother, a mother of two, or a mom-to-be. Our task was to develop a perfect picture that reflects the timeless gratitude and unbreakable bond between the target group and their loving mothers on Mother’s Day 2017. With a P10 in one hand and the heart for filming touching moments in our chests we went to work…


…and eventually after scouting, casting, ppm and beautiful days of filming action…we got a pure emotional story about the wives, mothers, girlfriends and grandmas that made our life full of precious moments – captured through the superior lens of the Huawei P10 mobile phone camera. Pictures that will stay forever. It’s all about feelings, about caring, about love. About those things that we cherish more and more the older we get. Just like a modern version of an old Hollywood movie. Or like Zagreb, a place where we found the right locations for filming this video.


Our commercial went on the air on that great day in March 2017. But it was much bigger than just one day. It was filmed to last and to show how great life can be when we have something to share. The video was shared with viewers across many platforms with joy. And people around the world were very motivated by it, choosing the new P10 as the perfect gift that makes the most of every moment.