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Our technical knowledge and good cultural fit made an impression for the Dutch company.


Hyarchis was founded in 1985. Starting out under the name VDD IQware, as a reseller Hyarchis gained experience in imaging, archiving, document management and enterprise content management. In 1999, VDD IQware went independent and started developing its own document management system: Hyarchis.Net. Since VDD IQware rebranded to Hyarchis in 2013, the software has developed into a suite comprising a wide range of products that currently have more than 55,000 users in the Netherlands and abroad.

Hyarchis believes in shared success. Investing in relationships together is the key to effective software implementations. Hyarchis remains close to the customer and always takes responsibility, everywhere and at all times. Flawless partnership – that’s the strength of Hyarchis.

Coupled with a high level of commitment to customers and resellers, Hyarchis offers ready-to-use software solutions for Digital Business, Online Collaboration, Document Management, and Customer Communications. Hyarchis solutions are implemented in the primary customer process in the healthcare, mortgage, insurance, pension, and accountancy sectors.

Cooperation Goals

There were multiple goals that had to be achieved in order to consider this cooperation a success:

  • Long-term partnership
  • A growing toughlex team and increased delivery
  • Introduction of new processes and practices through joint efforts
  • Bright ideas brought to the table about the project’s future
  • Pilot Week

Members of the toughlex team were given the chance to demonstrate their skills during the pilot week that was held by Hyarchis at its offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Before the pilot week, we set some goals for ourselves:

  • Create MVPs for two projects using Angular
  • Integrate Angular applications with the Hyarchis platform
  • Measure our cultural fit
  • Prepare a mini-roadmap for future cooperation

We deemed the pilot week a success and felt that we should continue working together. The feeling was mutual. What happened during that week that made both toughlex and Hyarchis so sure?


Despite the fact that toughlex representatives had a week filled with meetings and events, they still managed to produce two working projects that came out pretty well. It was decided that for the new features, a full-blown framework had to be used – Angular. Hyarchis had two ideas in mind. One was a document viewer which interacts with the document management system and provides user interfaces for desktop, tablet, and mobile systems. The other was a somewhat simpler infinite scrolling component which could be reused throughout the entire infrastructure. Both projects had working versions by the end of the week.

Cultural Fit

We all know that people differ in their personalities, attitudes, and values and that these factors determine how well different people can work together. Since toughlex and Hyarchis are both looking for a long-term relationship, it was important to figure out if we are a good cultural fit. This was the main reason that we wanted to work together and get to know each other as much as possible during the week. In the end, we felt that we are indeed a good cultural fit, as Lithuanians and the Dutch are both hard-working people who pride themselves on being rational, qualified and responsible.


Making the pilot projects work was not the main challenge during the week. Hyarchis is an extremely large and versatile platform that incorporates various technologies. Introducing a new framework into such a sophisticated platform was never an easy task. toughlex representatives got to know the Hyarchis platform during the week and had to come up with the best integration model without creating a lot of additional work. In Hyarchis’s line of business, introducing new functionalities quickly and effectively is key. As the pilot week progressed, an integration solution was developed that is still being used this day.




  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Legal
  • Accountancy
  • Services
  • Web Development
  • Dedicated Development Teams

Where Do We Stand Now?

Today we consider Hyarchis to be one of our key clients. The pilot week acted as a solid foundation for this cooperation. Multiple developers are working on the Hyarchis platform and are helping them achieve their business goals as fast and efficiently as possible. And this is more than just programming and marking tasks as completed. toughlex is also helping to introduce new development processes and guidelines – everything that we agree is valuable to the client in a long-term perspective.


As already mentioned, the Hyarchis platform is very sophisticated and includes a number of technologies. That’s the reason why our developers at toughlex are dedicated to helping in both the front-end and the back-end, wherever there is a business need.

One of the key parts of the Hyarchis ecosystem is the world-class document management system. Since clients in their industry have scores of documents, this is a crucial component. Our .NET specialists are currently involved in further expanding the system with new features and improvements.

However, this platform is not limited to a back-end system with a database. It also needs a user interface. And this means a lot of Javascript. Our front-end specialists are helping with that as well. While one part of the team is working on improvements and new features with native Javascript e.g. by introducing TypeScript, the other part of the team is introducing Angular and more versatility to the system.


  • Angular
  • .NET
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Office 365
  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • System Integration
  • Enterprise Software
  • Project Management