ICT Case Study: Customer Profiling & Decision-making among IT Professionals

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We assisted a leading digital messaging company to better understand the firmographics & determine the persons’ roles involved in this process.

Business Challenge

We were approached by one of South Africa’s leading digital messaging companies who offer a B2B product solution which involves a complex buying decision process. Their customers are located across the globe but their key markets are in: South Africa, UK, Ireland and Australia.

They wanted our assistance to better understand the firmographics and determine the persons involved in this process and what role each person plays.

What We Did

  • Conducted workshops to understand the product solution in detail and ensure that the correct questions were being asked.
  • Designed and executed an online survey among our Client’s extensive customer database.
  • Created survey email invitations on behalf of the Client’s senior management team and the invitations were distributed by the Client.


We provided our Client with a quantitative understanding of their customer profile; as well as feedback on the decision-making process across their customer base to understand their needs and improve communication.