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NetNG is a media source company for African entertainment as well as Nigerian pop culture. They post up-to-date information about news surrounding the African entertainment industry and are the world-leading outlet for it.

They were founded in November 2009 and is owned and operated by ID Africa.

The Brief

ID Africa already had a large amount of traffic to their website, with organic and direct topping the rest. We noticed that their bounce rate was extremely high and wanted to cater our SEO efforts to decreasing that and getting the quality organic traffic in whilst still increasing overall traffic and rankings within Google search engine for relevant keywords.

Landing Page Optimisation

good landing page needs to grip the visitor fast and guide them as smoothly as possible to the action you want them to take. The website user is taken on a digital journey, and we make sure that it’s the right one. For ID Africa, this is just what they needed to keep visitors coming back and engaging with their site. Our team set to work optimising ID Africa’s landing pages for a wide range of sections. We added strategically places CTAs, making buttons with actions accessible and easily seen on-page, and ensuring there was a good amount of information that would answer any questions visitors had before going further.

SEO Audits

We cannot emphasise the value of conducting regular SEO audits on your website. Being able to track any issues that could cause organic standing to drop on your website and immediately fix them is a huge advantage. This is exactly what we did for ID Africa, we conducted regular SEO audits to ensure their website health was good, readability was high, the website could be crawled properly, and their internal linking was to a great standard. The team worked our way through errors, warnings and notices for ID Africa’s NetNG site and ensured it remained as healthy as possible to give users the best experience.

Digital Outreach

For our digital outreach service, our aim was to get ID Africa’s website more exposure through a comprehensive link building strategy. This included looking at adding their business to directories within Africa and internationally. Backlinks had to come from specifically chosen sites, which is exactly what we did for our client, reaching out to sites that were relevant to their industry and had high domain authority. Whilst doing this, we made sure to avoid toxic websites and continually review who linked back to them or missed opportunities. This process was continuous, with our team progressively gaining bigger and better backlinks.

Results Summary

Our digital marketing strategy yielded some impressive results, their organic traffic increase by 44% month-on-month. Our team also saw ID Africa climb the ranks and increased its SERP positioning by 8% within a month through our hard work, with an overall 61% increase in ranking keywords. 24 of which ranked top 3.