IFTDO 2019 – An International Event at a Moment’s Notice

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IFTDO, one of the world’s largest events in human resources development, was to be held in Sarajevo with guests arriving from across the world.

IFTDO, one of the world’s largest events in the field of human resource development, was to be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with guests from across the world expected to attend.

The event was to be organized at 2 locations in close proximity, where the participants could have the freedom to see the different locations in Sarajevo as they simultaneously attend the event.

Some Stats About the Event

  • One of the world’s largest events in HRD;
  • 300+ attendees from across the globe;
  • Outdoor&Indoor locations preferred by the organizer;

The Issue


With the previous agency missing all the deadlines and spending most of the budget with no results, UpTrend was chosen as their replacement after accepting to organize the event and set everything related to it in motion despite being hired on short notice with a smaller budget to carry out the event.

UpTrend Marketing Solutions agency was constricted to 25 days to develop the event program, find and set two locations to host the event, get the requested speakers on board and make sure it’s a seamless experience for all of the guests who were coming in from over 30 countries.

“How Did They Do It?”

In basic terms – experience, expertise and lots of coffee. Working overtime was a given for all members of our event organizing team, and this was a project that took up their entire schedule for weeks as they had nothing to go on when it came to coming up with the basic theme and developing a completely fresh approach to how the IFTDO conference was supposed to be carried out.

Finding the right locations ended up being the least of their issues as they booked two of Sarajevo’s most attractive locations for all types of events, being the first agency to organize an event at the newly-opened Sarajevo Resort as their outdoor location for the conference.

Presenting a Worthy Line-Up of Speakers

As the most important part of the conference, a core line-up of credible, accomplished and talented speakers needed to be brought on board for the conference to fully come to life. After reaching out to a wide number of past associates, UpTrend managed to bring in Omantel’s Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni, R. Palan, FIC’s Sanja Miovcic and many others who contributed to the quality of the conference and made it worth the effort for all involved.

Their expertise and experience that they gained in their respective fields helped shape IFTDO 2019 into one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s biggest events of 2019.

IFTDO 2019 – A Finished Product

In the end, IFTDO 2019 Sarajevo was proclaimed to be a massive success by both the media and the event’s original organizer – Origin Europe. After a hectic three weeks of intense overtime and stressful day-to-day activities to make sure every aspect of the event was a seamless experience for the guests, our event management team was proud to be able to say that they did what was considered impossible.

While keeping the quality of the event above the standard compared to previous years, they provided over 300 visitors with new ideas, perspectives and enabled a special environment for them to increase their knowledge and experience in their respective fields.