Immersive Training for Engine Control Unit

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Program-Ace developed an innovative training app for easy work with engine control units.

Being a VR app development company with more than 10 years of experience, we developed a training solution available in the form of training software for VR, MR, and web platforms. The user interface features a 3D visualization of an engine control unit and numerous interactive features. The purpose of the software is to foster the development of technical skills, deliver a learning experience, and make crucial knowledge accessible to servicemen and specialists in navy vessels that rely on such units.

Our team took a two-pronged approach to development, with one focus being the creation of the trainee interface, and the other – building the web platform for supervisors and admins that look over the trainees.

The primary interface for trainees features a 3D model of the engine unit, while the interactive options are presented all around it. Trainees can easily switch between a reading mode and a “hands-on” mode, where they can see animations of the unit operation.

Our team of 3D artists worked hard to create an accurate and lifelike representation of a real engine controller unit, and these efforts culminated in success. The unit is exactly like the real thing, down to the smallest screws and bolts.

Our team of developers also put in great effort to make sure that the training experience was consistent across different platforms (and devices). This included countless optimizations to performance and weeks of work on perfecting movement tracking. The web-based admin panel shows detailed information about trainees’ performance and interactions, as well as more in-depth analytic features.