Increasing Brand Awareness, Capturing Leads, and Getting Recognition

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We created a marketing strategy to set Per-Erik as an industry authority, then to boost brand awareness and increase his social media presence.

About the Client

The business coaching industry has been on the rise throughout the past years, and today, coaching is pretty much necessary for each business looking to optimize the working environment and productivity.

Many individuals have tried to establish themselves as professional coaches, so much so, that becoming an authority in this niche is very difficult. Such an individual is Per-Erik Persson. He started working in 2010, focusing on helping teams to achieve optimal performance. Therefore, he became a personal business coach and founded the startup, Motive Management.

Per-Erik holds a certificate from the Swedish Defence University. Also, he is certified in tools and techniques such as:

  • The 5 behaviors of a cohesive team
  • Group Development Questionnaire
  • Teambook

He helps individuals and businesses with employee engagement and growth, both on the individual and on the team level.

Although Motive Management is doing quite well as a company, Per-Erik saw a golden opportunity in personal branding. If he were to become an industry influencer, it would boost both the company’s reputation and his own. This is where the Vrootok team came into the picture.

With our marketing services focused on personal brand development, Per-Erik is growing to become a brand name by himself.


The Challenge

The main issue was that everything Per-Erik was working on, up to the point of contacting us, was with Motive Management. This meant he had little to no online presence as an individual.

Needless to say, the main goal was to put his name out there, increase brand awareness, capture leads, and get recognition.


We created an overall marketing strategy to firstly set Per-Erik as an industry authority, and then to boost brand awareness and increase his social media presence. Because of the nature of training and coaching, user engagement was one of the keys to success.

So, creating content that inspires, user content generation became one of the main focuses of our efforts. When it comes to influencers, inspiring user-generated content means actively engaging in communication with the audience by replying to comments, messages, and post shares. This approach gave excellent results – it increased Per-Erik’s reach and engagement rates tremendously, and more importantly, established him as an empathetic person who cares about his audience.

The creative designs, ads, and events were also a key factor in boosting recognition and engagement. As an addition to all marketing efforts, the content produced and the relentless engagement from both Vrootok and Per-Erik brought many more leads than expected.

The Process

After thorough research of the market, situation analysis, competitor research, and goals, we set up a marketing plan and the action steps.

The first and second step was creating a website and social media sites, respectively.

The next action steps were to define the budget for social media ads, start accumulating content for the website and social media, create core buyer personas with the help of Google Analytics, and set up CRMs.

The final step was preparing an eBook, webinars, and events, and backing these up with organic and paid promotion.

Ongoing Work

  • Reports for social media and email automation
  • Content and design creation and placement
  • Ad campaign creation and execution
  • Event organization and promotion
  • Measuring and setting up new goals
  • Data analysis, consulting and guidance of his personal brand