Increasing Efficiency Through Custom CRM Development

Inventiff Agency
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Learn how Inventiff Agency helped AC1 Construction streamline its processes and revolutionize its customer experience.

About AC1 Construction

AC1 Construction Ltd is a dynamic construction company based in Harrow, the United Kingdom. With a turnover of over £5 million, they have gained a reputation throughout North West London and across the UK as a progressive and innovative market leader. Aside from construction projects, they also provide training and qualification courses for industry professionals.

Key Project Features

Searchable Customer Register

We created individual customer profiles containing contact information, purchase history, and other relevant details. Based on the data, this feature allows users to quickly search for customers based on multiple criteria such as name, location, and course completion status.

Automatically Generated Financial Statistics

The CRM solution provides real-time financial insights, including sales data, payments, and customer trends, to help the company make informed business decisions.

Schedule and Status Management System for Courses

Simple training and qualification courses are offered, with a focus on scheduling, enrolment and course completion.

SMS Manager Integration

This feature integrates the CRM platform with an SMS manager, allowing the company to send automated text messages to customers to keep them informed of important updates and changes.

Project Outcome

The created platform provides a clear and centralized solution to manage customer relationships and internal processes, enabling the company to streamline its operations and improve its overall customer experience. Through it, AC1 Construction has transformed its customer relationship management process and improved its bottom line.