#INdAIR Video Campaign

Savion Ray
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The video campaign aims to gain appreciation for the cause, as well as presenting innovative ideas for reducing emissions.

About the #INdAIR

The goal was to create videos for an international project that brings together people from all over Europe, is to improve the surface accessibility to airport zones and the CO2 neutrality of airport operator activities.

13 partners have supported the project, including ARC, Eindhoven Airport and The Province of Bologna.

Our Solution

In order to present the outcomes of the dAIR project, Savion Ray created a video campaign, communicating what the project is about to wider audiences. The video campaign aims to gain an appreciation for the cause, as well as presenting innovative ideas for reducing emissions. The first video explained the basics of the project; the second focused on best practices and ideas that were explored by partners and members, to reduce CO2 emissions; and the third showed how cooperation was at the heart of the dAIR project.

These videos, shown during over 20 events, guaranteed very good visibility to the project, especially in the countries of the members and partners.

Our Deliverables

We developed a number of communication materials for the dAIR project, whose communication was lead by ARC. These materials included the full production of a set of documentary videos with findings and best practices, as well as a project intro animation.

  • Video Campaign
  • Graphic Design
  • Publications Layout
  • Short documentary videos
  • Animation

Other communication materials included print publications, promotional materials, stationery design, and digital and online content.

The production was divided into three parts:

  • Project summary
  • Best practices in airport operations and surface access
  • Cooperation possibilities