Industrie Africa

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Industrie Africa partnered with CemtrexLabs with the goal of spearheading the African continent’s fashion market through digital means.


Industrie Africa

Disciplines Used

User Experience Design, Web Engineering, Mobile Engineering and LiveaOps

Services Provided

Digital Brand Strategy, User Experience Strategy, Brand Identity, Desktop + Web App Development, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, iOS and Android Development, Technical Architecture

Project Details

The Industrie Africa Team approached us with a need to become one of the first digitally recognized resources to shape the African continents fashion industry. They needed a clear, intuitive and responsive web application to house an innovative database of designers from all over the continent.

We were excited to become a part of this spearheaded vision brought to us by Industrie Africa founders, Georgia and Nisha. The development of the web app enabled each designer to have a profile with their own clear and intuitive search functions. Several application program interfaces were established along with a required 6 pages of website design (requested by the Industrie Africa team) that included, search filters, galleries sliders and detail modules. Through Leveraging Contentful CMS, the CemtrexLabs team was able to bring Industrie Africa’s vision into reality.