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Milenial is a platform where influencers, businesses, and marketing agencies can find each other, interact, and perform business transactions.


Milenial is a web platform with the vision to create a more transparent business environment for influence, marketing agencies and brands. The idea is to bring together all the influence and advertisers interested in collaborating and enabling them to find, analyze and communicate directly through the platform.

Platform Goals

Milenial solves the problem of finding a person on social networks that want to advertise product or service (influencer). Even if advertisers know some bigger influencers (over 300 000 followers), they usually have great demands. The platform’s goal is to enable it Finding Small and Medium and Fluent No Large Shifts. Influencers from the database advertisers can filter through various features to find best for presenting their product or service. After the invention, the application provides the possibility of direct involvement with the selected influencer and, if it does cooperation, evaluation of the same.

On the other hand, it is more difficult for smaller and medium influencers to find co-operation with the appropriate brands, so it’s down to writing emails to all brands that have similar interests (e.g. travel, food, fitness, fashion…), and this approach lasts for a long time and in most cases does not gives results. Milenial solves this by enabling advertisers who are interested in influencer marketing placing ads with categories (e.g. fashion categories).

Main Features

  • Influencers and Offers Search – Search Ads Display All Ads Advertisers and Searches influences all influencers. Ads can be filtered with a view on the type, duration and categories, and influence by name, categories, social networks, and engagement rates.
  • Messenger – Milenial Messenger is intended for direct business communication between the influencer and the advertiser.
  • Posting Offers – Advertisers can write an offer to which influencers appear. Offer can be set for the specific duration period, different compensation types (Giveaway, price range or as agreed), description, categories, pictures and monetary price (depending on the type).
  • Collaboration – Both influencers and advertisers have all the necessary tools to perform influencer marketing campaigns directly through the platform. At the end of the collaboration, users can rate each other (5 stars system) and write a short review about the whole collaboration experience.
  • Statistics – View statistics (followers, engagement rate, previous collaborations) generated by data analysis from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube APIs.

Technical Specifications

Milenial is a web application created using the latest worksheets and architectural forms that follow current trends in web application development. For the backend part of the app, a Laravel (Lumen) PHP framework was used that was designed by REST (Representational state transfer standard) while the frontend part of the application was developed in Angular 7 version of javascript frameworks in SPA (Single Page Application) and mobile version in PWA (Progressive Web Application) architecture. Data storage is used PostgreSQL relational database data aka. The email server is based on iRedMail open source solution. The production version of the application is deployed on two virtual servers with Centos 7 operating system.

Results (2019)

  • Present in 5 countries in South-Eastern Europe
  • More than 2,000 registered users
  • Users created over 1,300 offers
  • Over 500 successfully completed arrangements
  • Through Milenial messenger is sent more than 5,000 messages
  • Over 17 million combined followers on all influencers’ social network accounts