Infra Website Redesign

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Infra offers hardware and software solutions for automatic vulnerability assessment.

About the Client

INFRA offers its services to financial, telecom, government, and similar institutions.

The Challenge

The existing INFRA website required serious redesign not only because its look and feel did not match the website goals, but the entire structure and navigation were confusing for users.


We analyzed particular cybersecurity services. INFRA provides automated (unlike their competitors) vulnerability assessment that enabled us to separate two main types of users with two different goals.

The first type is cybersecurity departments of big corporations who are interested in detailed technical information about INFRA’s hardware solutions.

The second type of users include managers of the middle and small size companies who would be interested in a lighter software solution and should be able to test it and purchase right on the website.


Competitor research showed us that the majority of cybersecurity companies either overwhelm users with extremely detailed technical information or on the contrary, show almost nothing except the name.

While our TU1 might benefit from technical details, for TU2 they would be overwhelming and unnecessary. The challenge was to find the right balance of the amount of information.

Considering the different needs of both TUs we paid special attention to clarifying the navigation.

Look and Feel

The Cyber Security field is full of websites that are using abstract images with circuit boards, binary code, and so on, from photo stocks. Working on INFRA’s new look and feel, we wanted to avoid those cliches.

INFRA opposes itself to the traditional ethical hacking services by providing automation instead of manual work. To emphasize the difference between INFRA and its competitors and to stress the feeling of an automated, bugless, clean, and the almost robotic produce, we chose a light, minimalistic style with plenty of white space and metallic hues.


The website redesign marked the start of our continuing relationship with INFRA.

As a rapidly developing company, INFRA requires plenty of design work, from marketing materials, and pitch decks, to INFRASCAN SaaS feature updates and creating separate software products, that we happily provide.