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Red Graphic
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About the Client

Instreamatic is a voice marketing platform.

Instreamatic is an ambitious Silicon Valley startup that uses voice advertising and AI to help brands talk to consumers.

The company works with major audio platforms such as Pandora (#1 audio in the US) and Gaana (#1 audio in India), popular iOS or Android apps, smart speakers and connected cars.


Create a visual language for Instreamatic.

The project had identity elements: logo, colors, fonts.

All elements needed to be turned into a sharp design that would convey Instreamatic’s character.

It all started from the task to create an A4 layout, catching attention in a few seconds. And we made it.

Works: one-pagers → infographics → pitch deck


Instreamatic, like a big audio ads tree, has branched out in different directions: voice ads, spoken video ads, voice feedback, and surveys.

Instreamatic projects

Voice Ads

Spoken dialogue between brands and consumers on popular apps. Addressable, AI-powered ad format with progressive messaging and insights into purchase intent.

Conversational Video Ads

Dialogue-based video ads that enable a conversation between brands and consumers on smart TVs and popular mobile apps. These ads are ideal for content environments that are visual and would best be served with a video ad.

Voice Feedback

Engaging format to receive instant customer feedback and get actionable insights. Instreamatic Voice AI platform collects relevant data points and sentiment from voice responses, and presents them in a clear report on near-term improvements and long-term preferences.

Voice Surveys

Real-time AI-powered voice surveys delivered on popular audio streaming apps that help to connect with consumers on-the-go and get invaluable instant results and dashboard reporting.


CEO Red Graphic: Nadia Zelenkova
Art Director Red Graphic: Slava Lysenko
Red Graphic Designer: Sasha Sheresheva
Red Graphic Designer: Dasha Knyazeva