Interana Ushers in Self-Service Big Data: Allowing Anyone to Get Answers from Even the Most Complex Big Data Sets

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10Fold launched Interana out of stealth mode prior to Strata + Hadoop World in October 2014.


10Fold launched Interana out of stealth mode prior to Strata + Hadoop World in October 2014. Interana was founded with the goal of bringing the same cutting-edge data analytics tools found at companies like Facebook to companies of any size. However, with so many new players entering the market, it was very important for Interana to set themselves apart from the Tableaus of the world. Their mission to provide access to event data – which holds the true understanding of how customers behave and products are used – into the hands of businesses needed to resonate with analysts, business and technology media. Not only were the founders first time C-level executives, but two of the founders were a husband and wife duo and it was important to tell this story during the company launch. We set up an aggressive goals:

1. Launch the company as an emerging industry leader with the ability to be Google for business analytics. Metrics: 16 articles

2. Garner significant business and trade media coverage for the company’s funding announcement to establish Interana as a self-service analytics solution. Metrics: 13 articles

3. Obtain industry analyst validation for the company’s full stack technology. Metrics: 2 analyst reports

4. Initiate industry discussions around the success of a husband and wife team, female CEOs, and women gaining funding in a technology world dominated by men

5. Educate the industry that web companies need to live and die by event data


Interana’s official company and product launch took place in October 2014. 10Foldpre-briefed media and analysts head of launch. From the launch, Interana was featured in three industry analyst reports including Ovum, 451 Group and EMA, and received feature media coverage in Bloomberg Businessweek, TechCrunch, Gigaom, VentureBeat and Datanami, helping to establish Interana the expert in self-service analytics for event data.

To raise awareness of the company, 10Fold submitted Interana for the CEO World Awards and nominated the CEO, Ann Johnson, to the Silicon Valley Women of Influence Awards. Interana was named Company of the Year in the CEO World Awards and the CEO was named on the top 100 list in the Women of Influence Awards.

In January 2015, 10Fold executed a visibility campaign around Interana’s new $20 million round of funding from Index Ventures. Recognizing the funding round would be seen as momentous – but not unique in a newly upbeat VC investing climate – 10Fold conditioned media targets before the announcement, citing Interana’s rapid growth since launching in October. 10Fold’s activities garnered feature coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Silicon Valley Business Journal and Xconomy, among other marquee media names.


• 24 launch pre-briefings with business press, big data technology press, analysts and industry influencers.

• Launch coverage in Forbes, Bloomberg, The Register, TechCrunch, Gigaom, VentureBeat, Data Center Post, Dataversity, Database Trends and Applications, Inside BigData, Datanami, The New Stack, Dataconomy, and Application Development Trends, as well as print coverage in BusinessWeek.

• Inclusion in The 451 Group’s Impact Report, Ovum’s On The Radar Report and EMA’s Vendor to Watch Report.

• 27 funding articles including features in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Xconomy, Gigaom, Datanami, and Media Post.