InterSurv: Property Condition Assessment Helper

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InterSurv makes the property condition assessment simpler for a user so that you will never hesitate which property to buy.


When deciding which property to choose among the dozens of options, you, as a customer, want to get a detailed report on the property condition covering all its characteristics. Having the opportunity to request such information online is the additional advantage.


An online platform that allows assessing property condition has been created with the following features:

1. User, Admin, and Valuator user roles that communicate efficiently through the platform to produce a comprehensive report on the property condition.

  • User makes a request for the property condition assessment.
  • Admin assigns a contractor and forms a final report.
  • Network partner estimates property condition by completing the survey on site.

2. Job Statuses are visible due to the creation of the panel with columns “New”, “In Progress”, “Completed” for a network partner and user, and “Agreed”, “Declined”, and “Completed”.

3. Detailed Surveys to estimate the property condition. Thirteen survey blocks have been developed using Angular Material to provide a user with detailed information concerning the chosen property.

  • Without filling in every line, a network partner can’t move on to the next phase.

  • Prescribed answers are the basis of certain survey’s questions.

  • After replying to the additional question, specific lines to specify the answer emerge.
  • Several forms require a specific format without which a network partner can’t go further.


An online survey based platform to estimate the property condition has been developed simplifying getting the information on the property condition before purchase. Location, price, infrastructure, neighborhood, and many more factors that may influence a customer’s decision can be now checked thanks to InterSurv.