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How we helped a new coding academy based in Roppongi, Tokyo.

About the Client

Company A is a new coding academy based in Roppongi, Tokyo. They focus on providing iOS & Android coding courses for people of all ages with highly knowledgeable instructors who have veteran experience in the field.

Message From the Founders

We empower the students to accomplish our mission, by better understanding the technical, soft skills and being real-world ready. That’s what students and companies require. We provide an immersive experience so we can meet the expectations of the students. The experience is impactful and that drives real-world action. Mobile development is the future. It’s a complete stack, one which all companies need. Technological advances in mobile development coupled with mass adaptation make it the most desirable technological segment to be a part of.

The Problem

As a small business in one of the most expensive cities in Tokyo, getting new customers on a tight budget is something many companies go through. Company A wanted to maximize their marketing budget. Having tried running their own campaigns in the past, they had some reservations on the effectiveness of digital marketing. They needed to generate consistent higher quality leads and bring down the cost of those leads.

Milestone 1

By utilizing correct targeting methods, A/B testing, and implementing proper management techniques, Hashi Media was able to drive lead costs down to ¥385 on customers who have a long-term value of ¥350,000. The right message can really drive down cost and capture high-quality leads. By understanding the problems that needed to be solved, we were able to get the most out of Company A’s marketing budget.

Milestone 2

After the first week of milestone one, we created a new campaign with the insights gained. What targeting the audience revealed is that the target audience had a much larger area to narrow down the search results. In 9 more days, we generated 37 high quality leads to our case study company.

Milestone 3

Due to those detailed analytics, we were able to drop the frequency rate down to 1.03. The most beneficial outcome of this was being able to bring the CPL down an additional 63%. Money was not being spent on customers who were not targeted.