Jobtip Website Redesign

Bozka Design
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Jobtip is the platform that allows HR managers to boost their process.

We were challenged to redesign the Swedish version of the Jobtip website by making it more appealing to their target audience with a focus on the products which Jobtip provides.


The goal of the redesign was to create a fully new look and feel for the website. The previous website didn’t highlight the company’s products and had a low conversion rate. The design lacked consistency and had a very generic “WordPress” look.


First, we learned that the reason for the low conversion possibly was in a confusing representation of the products.

We started by clearing up the structure of the website and placing the right accents in the right places. We wanted to convey the idea that the solutions JobTip is provided are able to solve the problems of HR professionals automatically, so they can feel more relaxed and stress-free. For this reason, and also to distinguish JobTip from other HR websites, we decided to use bright colors and illustrations.

We created a couple of dozens of custom illustrations with the distinguished style and color palette which suits their brand.