Joyride Logistics – From 30 Trucks To 60 Within 8 Months

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JoyRide Logistics, a US-based asset carrier out of Arizona – our marketing team provided them with a new look that resulted in new high-profile clients.

JoyRide Logistics, LLC is an asset carrier based out of Chandler, AZ, and they offer services such as power only, drop trailer, or live load/unload. They operate in the following states: AZ, CA, NV, UT, NM, TX.

This was our first time working for a transportation company whose business model included everything but properly integrated marketing processes and branding.

They were doing fine overall, and their company was experiencing an increase in demand around the time we were introduced into the story. However, after their company presentation, we noticed that their business opportunities were much larger than they realized, as well as the fact that their general organizational system was in need of professional help, so we got involved in creating a marketing plan and a strategy for their company.

Quick Facts on JoyRide Logistics Progress Over an 8-Month Period

The number of trucks increased from 30 to 60 (100% increase)

Extended contractual agreement with Amazon in shipping services

Negotiations with FedEx regarding JoyRide shipping services successfully completed.

JoyRide Logistics became a Walmart asset-based carrier.

The Issue

JoyRide Logistics had an outdated website with very little information, rather low marketing investment and suffering from the Founder’s trap – an occurrence where the founder’s time is spent on daily processes and work while disregarding strategic marketing planning.

UpTrend was chosen to conduct a marketing trial plan that had to increase sales for the client, provide a brand and representational identity for JoyRide Logistics.

Upon completing our proposed marketing strategy and using a brief period to implement it through the enablement of a social media team, website optimization and management lead and training of specific customers in customer relations, marketing and general brand guidelines, we have saved JoyRide CEO’s time and provided him with the opportunity to work on scaling his business, developing and expanding.

We took over JR in early 2020, and during that period we made them a new website, integrated a completely reorganized work system, provided them with a presentation and training on how to generate new high-class clients and provided them with a strategy for social networks. The results speak for themselves, and they were rather remarkable over an 8-month time period.

“How Did They Do It?”

In basic terms – experience, expertise and quality communication.

Our team of experts is able to provide clients with unique websites in a matter of days, additionally building quality funnel campaigns, social media campaigns and overall marketing strategies with greatly efficient and effective synergy.

Our goal was clear and we knew that this company had the capacity to achieve the presented objectives to get there. We presented our view of developing JR’s cultural identity of “Taking care of the CUSTOMER”, and shed a little more light on the backstory of its founder Mr. Adis Dzanan.

From 30 Trucks To 60 Within 8 Months

While are still in contract with JR, within just 8 months of our collaboration, with applied marketing advice and tools that we provided them with, JR was in a position to increase their logistics service capacity up by 100% (from 30 to 60) – including additional 10 dispatchers and 2 new high-level clients.

By keeping the quality of the JR Logistics services at the highest level, meaning above the standard compared to previous years, we are, along with our client more than satisfied with the outcome, especially considering the fact the JoyRide has even gained a FedEx contract based on a similar presentation for business development.

“When I started my business, it was so time-consuming that I literally had no time to pay attention to things like marketing, and it honestly sounded too virtual for me. The company was in a really good position so I found it unnecessary to arrange things differently or to consult any marketing agency for helping me with developing my business. When UpTrend sent me their proposal for updating my web site and made an overall marketing plan and strategy, I decided to give it a chance as we were doing so good and, in just 8 months, we were able to increase the number of our vehicles and, most importantly, I found more to focus on working on my business. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised because, while I had my doubts, now, all the campaigns that we are doing are being implemented with a near guarantee of success because of our partnership with UpTrend Marketing.

We remain partners and I am delighted to say that I was lucky enough to come across a professional and timely partner that gets the job done. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale their business.“

Adis Džanan, JoyRide Logistics CEO