Jurassic World Interactive Application

Stone Soup Tech Solutions, LLC
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3D DNA model touch screen information panel and postcard creator web application

About the Project

A suite of interactive applications for touch devices or projector screens designed to help users gain knowledge on the Jurassic World, as well as the backend system that powers them.

DNA Model – Touch Screen Information Panel

This web application displays a rotating 3D DNA model with side text information. Once the screen is activated by touch, the DNA strand stops rotating and hot spots appear on the DNA strand. These hot spots show the user where they can be activated again via touch. When each button is activated the screen displays an information box. The text box can contain various media formats including photos, drawings, and text. Additionally, the box will also be used to play various videos.

Postcard – Interactive Application

This web application gives the user the ability to create postcards by:

  • Choosing from a range of backgrounds;
  • Selecting and scaling dinosaurs and badges;
  • Changing the filters of the resulting image;
  • Adding text to the postcard and sending the postcard via email.