Just Round the Corner

London : Los Angeles
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We created a new brand voice for Cycle Gear.

About the Project

Cycle Gear realized they needed to revamp their brand positioning to create greater awareness and drive sales. To do this, the motorcycle retailer called on LO:LA.

We first created a centered message of “Just ‘Round’ The Corner”, which exemplified how Cycle Gear was always nearby, but it also touched on the excitement of that next great ride.

From there, we created a 360-campaign appealing to the different “tribes” of riders- Harley riders, street bike riders, off road/dirt bike riders, weekend riders, etc.

Through exciting videos and bold billboards, we looked to unite these tribes through the simple idea that no matter what bike type you ride, the physics are the same and that feeling of adrenaline, control and power is – JUST ‘ROUND’ THE CORNER’

“Their creative execution and ability to come up with something different are incredibly impressive.”