Karfidov Lab Corporate Website

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We developed a website for Karfidov Lab, which specializes in the development of technological and innovative products.

Karfidov Lab specializes in the development of innovative, technical, turnkey products — from conception to physical implementation.

We were faced with a challenging task: the creation of an image — and information-heavy website that highlights Karfidov Lab’s work from different perspectives.

The company’s focus is B2B (business-to-business). But big business decisions start with individuals. The website had to appeal to technical specialists, inspire them, and encourage them to work with Karfidov Lab.

The website’s structure is easily built and maintained in a management system designed specifically for this project. The website has three language versions, and changes made to one are easily replicated in the others.

Visual Style

To sculpt the site’s style we relied on laconic typography, atmospheric rendering of the products created by the highly skilled Karfidov Lab designers, illustrations, and plentiful animation.


The website content demonstrates the company’s proprietary technologies through complex animations.

Project Feature

A distinctive feature of the website is the complex technical specifications calculator, with which users can outline future projects. The first meeting with the company will, therefore, start with a baseline for the scope of work already in place, making every interaction with Karfidov Lab productive and efficient.

Tablet and Smartphones

Typography, content, illustrations, and infographics – we offer seamless delivery across multiple platforms.