Kepinski Law Office – Branding & Web Development

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Our mission was to design a modern business-like website and some promotional materials such as letterhead, business cards, and e-mail signatures.

About the Client

Kepinski Law Office, based in Gdańsk, Poland, asked us to re-design their website and other promotional materials. It was a very complex project – our task was to focus everything on the promotion of the brand, and since we could start from scratch, we had the freedom to create something wonderful.


Our challenge was to create a website that would be responsive to the needs of various species groups. Business personnel required a fast website which provided easy access to the office. Clients and potential clients of the law firm needed to gain an understanding of how attorneys could help solve their problem, so we created a Case Studies section, as well as a Blog Section to accommodate these readers.

We created two user personas to help us create a website that really meets the needs of its users:

Businessman: A businessman does not have time to fill in forms or to answer phone calls and emails all day long. When it comes to business matters, what really counts is action. Therefore, we simplified the contact process to a minimum.

Individual customer: How does any potential client know whether or not he/she has found a good lawyer on the Internet? One of the best ways is through user reviews and case studies since these will be descriptions of actual cases and results.


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