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Jeff & Kaizen Co. Ltd.
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The goal is to reach target customers and increase conversion efficiently.


  • Social Media Advertising & Management
  • Comment Moderation & Response
  • Online Sales Agent & Customer Support Service


Reach and acquire high-profile customers efficiently, generate qualified leads and improve conversion.

The Smart Idea

The products are luxury high-quality items, the location is Victoria Island and the showroom is very beautiful and exquisite. They are also into Kitchen setup, installations and remodeling. The idea is to portray the quality of their products, the beauty of their luxury and beautifully finished kitchens in a very much compelling and attractive style. Hence, we created a social media calendar along with high-quality graphic designs using high-quality images of their products and luxury finished kitchens. These were combined with top-notch customer-oriented and search engine optimized content, together with prompt responses to inquiries and messages.


We were able to drive up page engagement by 120%, leads by about 40.5%, and conversion by about 25.6%. We further achieved a response timeline of 2 minutes on average due to the high volume of customers we were able to attract. In addition, brand loyalty and adoption spiked further, which made the company achieve a higher market share in the industry as it promoted word of mouth amidst other organic forms of promotion.