Klarna Gets Real – Influencer Campaign

Movement Strategy
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In Spring 2020, Klarna launched its shopping app in the US. We were tasked to sequel its launch campaign, landing Klarna on the Top 100 download list.

About the Project

In the Spring of 2020, Swedish brand Klarna launched its “Buy Now, Pay Later” shopping app in the US, with zero brand awareness and surrounding skepticism. We were tasked to sequel its launch campaign videos, combining the brand’s unique personality with an informative twist.

Our Solution

We crafted made-for-social videos prioritizing customer consideration, utilizing the trusted voices of influencers to provide an honest, yet fun and creative explanation of the brand. By allowing creative partnerships with our influencers, we created memorable, comedic content with high engagement rates that surpassed the launch campaigns, with 7.5M impressions and an average view rate of 181%.

Through testing and content iteration, we monitored the performance of our chosen influencers and identified our top performer, launching a high-volume holiday campaign with significantly increased media buy across digital and streaming platforms. The holiday campaign delivered a total of 100+ assets from a single shoot, sustaining the campaign from mid-October 2020 to the end of the year.


The campaign outperformed all other content resulting in:

  • 81M impressions
  • 22M video views
  • 457K engagements

This landed Klarna on the Top 100 app download list of Fall 2020.