Lagermax Event

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In organizing an event for over 500 guests within a functioning warehouse, Division 4 Vision faced the challenge of transforming a work space into an event venue.

The Background

The opening of Lagermax’s new logistics warehouse near the town of Zaprešić, Croatia, along with the celebration of the Lagermax Group’s 25 years of successful business operations in Croatia.

The Challenge

The key challenge was to organize an event for over 500 guests, including a protocol for senior public officials. The event was to be located in the new warehouse facilities, along the area in front of it. This was challenging from a technical and organizational sense because the warehouse had been a functioning workplace until the beginning of the event. In light of this, assembling the signage and event branding, as well as setting up the exhibition, catering and the stage, all had to be done in a very short time.

The Solution

We provided the client with a detailed concept design and a 2D visualization of the event. We were also in charge of designing and sending the invitations and guest follow-up, as well as drafting a detailed technical and program scenario.

Branding included the design, production and assembling of signage leading to the event, an exhibition on Lagermax’s history and future, roll-ups, a press wall, and beach-flags, as well as sky dancers. Our professional on-spot coordinators made sure that everything ran smoothly at the site on the day of the event.

The Result

At the end of May 2023, more than 500 guests gathered not only to celebrate the anniversary and the warehouse opening, but also to set off for an exciting voyage into the world of business innovations. The opening ceremony and ribbon cutting was performed by the company directors and senior public officials.

In addition to top-notch catering and a rich program, guests were entertained by the impressive truck “Future Space” owned by the company Lagermax. This mobile technological marvel on wheels led visitors through the story of logistics; from its humble beginnings to its astonishing future.

The program was hosted by the popular TV and radio announcer Frane Ridjan and the event was additionally enriched by performances of the dance studio Escape, a DJ and the legendary band Psihomodo Pop.

The event received significant media coverage, so we prepared announcements, an interview with the company director and a report in published articles.