Latvian Medicines Verification Organization Portal Development

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Bright developed the public part of the website and the closed customer portal.

About the client

Association Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) was founded in December 2016 to create, maintain and supervise the Latvian Medicines Verification System according to the requirements of the European Medicines Verification System, the Falsified Medicines Directive and the Delegated Regulation for the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

The purpose of the medicine verification system is to prevent the threat of falsified medicines being supplied through legitimate distribution channels to consumers. It is a new system to check the authenticity of medicines being distributed in all European countries.

What we did

In order to ensure effective communication with the participants of the Latvian system, Bright developed a customer portal, where the groups involved in the drug verification process can easily access, check and update information about their company, as well as communicate operatively with LZVO.

The customer portal or the closed section of the website has two modules for different LZVO customer groups:

  • end-users of the verification system that is used for wholesalers, pharmacies and healthcare institutions where prescription medicines are available (hospitals, polyclinics, health care centers, doctors, general practitioners, dental clinics or practices);
  • marketing authorization holders in Latvia and abroad.

The public section of the website provides information on the activities of LZVO, as well as the opportunity to find out the news. In the closed customer portal, both user groups have access to such system functionality as internal correspondence with LZVO including notification, document viewing, as well as maintenance of a full company profile, updating of institutional information, adding new institutions, and changing contact persons.