Launching A+ Content to Increase Conversion Rates on Amazon

Meliora Marketing
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An outline of how a pet category client published A+ content, which allowed them to significantly increase their conversion rates.

The Background

This client was selling on 1P on Amazon – that is, via Vendor Central. While their previous sales figures were high, they had observed a gradual reduction in the number of purchase orders in recent years.

The Problem

The reality was that the listings were not optimized according to the latest trends that the market and the audience required. The listings, therefore, did not call for purchase with potential page visitors.

The Solution

First we went through the listing optimization, which included new SEO copy, as well as high ranking and relevant keywords. We then implemented new A+ content for multiple parents to visually represent the products. A+ at the time was a relatively new feature on Amazon, but it was exactly what the audience wanted and reacted to.

The Results

The results were fantastic. On average, the units ordered increased by 79.32 per cent on a parent level, which included 20 SKUs. In addition, the sell-through rate increased by a magnificent 192.50 per cent on the same parent level. On an individual SKU level, results varied, but they all showed an increase, from 43.34 per cent to an astonishing 512.90 per cent.