Launching a Successful Mascot Strategy for Ajman Sewerage

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Ajman Sewarage (ASPCL) in UAE, sought a clear strategy to communicate their vision from idea to conception.

About the Project

With a long-standing aim to deliver a prosperous future for the community of Ajman, Ajman Sewerage (ASPCL) in UAE, sought a clear strategy to communicate their vision from idea to conception. Crowd took on the challenge to deliver a brand strategy which would drive the company’s mission forward in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

Starting with a new creative direction, Crowd transformed the brand by defining its positioning and tone of voice and focusing on modernising and refining the brand’s assets. This re-emphasised the values that the brand stands for. Crowd introduced a strapline campaign, which determined the brand’s offering to the community and its future goals.

Recently, Crowd added another successful campaign to our list of achievements for ASPCL’s communication strategy. By designing a successful mascot strategy specifically created for ASPCL, Crowd introduced a mascot as the face and brand ambassador of the sewerage company.

Many brands have made deep emotional connections with their target audience and increased brand awareness by creating the right visual mascot. Whether the unique selling point is real or purely emotive, the mascot has played a leading role, such as the Andrex Puppy, who represents comfort and the Fairy Liquid baby who symbolises a gentle touch of softness.

Azraq which means the colour ‘blue’ in Arabic and symbolizes purity, was created by Crowd and ASPCL to better communicate and engage with the community of the Emirate of Ajman. Being a droplet of treated water and a strong brand advocate who emotionally engages with his community, Azraq represents a fun and interactive way for the people of Ajman to see the process that ASPCL uses to treat water.

Crowd also created a video around Azraq to encourage customer understanding of the water purification process and simplify the brand online to audiences. The video targeted towards the community of Ajman shows Azraq’s transition from a dirty water drop to water brought back to life. The purpose of this video is to create transparency from the brand for its customers, introduce a sense of responsibility towards the environment and inspire community discussions.


The impact of Azraq’s introduction to the brand will be seen throughout Ajman, where his face will dominate all communications across ASPCL’s customer happiness centers, kiosks, water treatment plants, social media platforms, and even schools. Azraq will aim to engage and inspire meaningful conversations focused on environmental awareness, water conservation and building on community engagement.

Together, we helped Ajman Sewerage drive their mission statement forward – we don’t just treat water, we bring water to life.