Legionfarm: Our First Gaming Page

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How we hot dropped with a killer streak into a new industry for us.

You drop on the roof, immediately headshot a tango in front of you, dash into the building, get another two and almost get the last one. As you lay dying, you see on the map that your teammates are two blocks away, ever so slowly inching towards you. You wish you were back in college and could spend the sleepless nights killing. As your team gets easily gunned down, you wish you had the skills like you did back in the day, and could carry the whole match. And you wish that your friends would play with you, but now they’re as busy as you are and spend their rare free evenings differently, and if they do play something, it’s FIFA. That’s where Legionfarm comes in.

Looking For Group: About The Service

Legionfarm is a Y Combinator startup that hooks up amateur players with pros. Our goal was to make a landing page for Legionfarm’s CoD: Warzone service. In design, we had to show the drive, the action, without going into something XTREME, and to also show that these pros aren’t wise old men with meticulous beards that would hit you with a stick every time you did something wrong, but are just regular guys who are fun to hang around.

Band of Brothers: The Concept

You’re not alone anymore, as you play with Legendary117S and forpantheon, ranked in top kills worldwide. You rapidly get better at the game with tips from pros, getting a crazy winrate all while bantering and cracking wise. Feels just like old times. Feels like home.

Our concept here is Dream Team. We use the characters from the game to show that you’re already a part of the team, and all the elements are gaming-related, to instill the sense of belonging on a different level: worn down WASD keys, led lights like those used in the keyboards, referential wordplay. Everything inviting and relatable for those who are on the level. For the layout, the main reference here is, unintentionally, Twitch: easily readable blocks with one idea per screen.

Interactive element: type your nick here. Right here, you get to see yourself as part of the team.

Operating In Style

The real endgame in every multiplayer game isn’t just winning. It’s winning while looking good. No longer content with just winning back-to-back, you get the pros to teach you all the cool things: here’s how to noscope, and here’s how to make your enemy drop their weapons and agree on a fistfight at the end of the match. Our website had to have style.

We could’ve taken our concept in several directions. We had considered an emotional style, trying to capture the feeling, the dopamine rush of the game. For a moment, we’ve toyed with a harsh neon cyberpunk direction, bordering on neoclassical with greek statues to represent the pros, swiping in as titans and leveling the playing field. But we couldn’t do cyberpunk, how many delays we would have to go through?

For our smooth operator, we settled on is a style that is clean and simple. With one message per screen and without the overabundance of elements, everything’s here to support the aesthetic of the game, from the color scheme to the fonts. And we’ve kept that drive and that action by using clips from the game, color-corrected to better fit the page.

Guide and Walkthrough: GameF***s

WASD. In our text the letters WASD disappear leaving only a silhouette, to reference worn down WASD keys used by the pros. It adds motion and memorability to the website, but the reference is somewhat unclear by itself. To communicate it better, we’ve got this preloader:

It both puts you right into the gaming mood, and it serves as part of the storytelling. And being a preloader, it also, well, preloads.

To break up the monotony of both the line and our day, we put F*** while putting the page together. Mostly, to make ourselves laugh. And then it stayed in.

This project took us one and a half week. We dropped into something completely new to us and stuck to our guns, and more importantly, to our high internal standards. We go from projects in fintech to biotech to gaming, and everywhere we strive to make websites that don’t just look good, but websites that tell stories.

And check out this project on our Behance. See you in Verdansk.