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Old website had low conversion. So our task was create a new website and increase sales minimum for 50%.

About the Project

My friend Olexandr has small chain of tech shops. He also likes to make experiments in business. He always try and test different niches despite of main business. One of his experiment is new product – photoepilaor LESCOLTON. He sells it on OLX without any website or fb/google ads. The result was good so he create website.

The Challenge

Website has a few sells a week but no more.

The Solution

So we decided to create new website, which helps increase sales. We make a small reseach and create marketing strategy, give more value for our customers, make UI/UX, make a photo content, create website strategy and make website on constractor Tilda. It took 1 month for our studio.

The Result

On new website sales increase for 50%.