Let’s Go Silly – Website Design & Development

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A client who now sells varieties of T-shirts online with the help of Website Design and Development Service provided by us.

The Challenge

Socioswag was tasked with creating an e-commerce website for a clothing brand situated in Mumbai, India.

Socioswag was hired to design and develop the website so that Let’s Go Silly can set their business online and manage their business paperless.

Our Work

Due to the short timeline, we created an aggressive deadline schedule to ensure the website design work was done efficiently. This structured plan helped to keep both parties on track.

We examined the business, drew up some counterfeit ups, and together with the entrepreneur chose a suitable plan and design for the website.

The new website is clear, simple, and well-organized. The responsive web design offers a design that fits all resolutions on any device. The content and website concept was optimized as per SEO standards, including all taking the necessary steps for better positioning of the company.