Lighting Company

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This client is a multi-billion household brand and Amazon is just a side thing for them. The only metric they look at is Acos. The challenging thing about this company is that they look at Amazon with an if-you-can’t-fight-them-join’em mentality. They are not thrilled with the fact that they need to sell on Amazon, let alone spend money on Amazon ads. They were around before Amazon, and Amazon has only cut into their DTC site.  That’s why they have a limited budget that won’t increase no matter how good their performance is.


The interesting part is that they were happy with the performance of their agency. They were looking to change because there was a lack of proper communication. They needed to wait at times 2 days to get a response to an email. They wanted someone more reachable, on the ball, so that they can email, call, WhatsApp, and get things done quicker. But after having our Intake Call with them and hearing that Acos is the only metric they are looking at we realized that we can dramatically decrease their Acos and increase their sales.


When we took over the account we saw many campaigns going out of budget early. And because Acos was the only metric this client was looking for, we calculated that by lowering the CPC we’ll still be able to spend the entire daily budget. We created many low-bid campaigns to capture those low CPC keywords and Asins. (We couldn’t use Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display for this brand because they have other resellers selling their products and the Acos won’t be accurate because of the way Amazon attributes sales in SB and SD.)


The results here were beyond Amazing! We increased their PPC sales by the third month of being with us by 430%! We brought their Acos from 6.8% to fluctuating between 1.3-1.5%. Their CPC was lowered from $0.69 to $0.19-$0.21, and this is in a rising CPC environment.