LiLash – Web Development & Maintenance for a Beauty E-Commerce Platform

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An e-commerce website, wireframing and customized WordPress development to expand the beauty brand into international beauty markets.

The Background

Neuralab was approached by the manager of the digital marketing and assets for a manufacturer and distributor of a single-use beauty product—an eyelash serum that enhances the length and curls.

The Challenge

Creating a more streamlined shopping experience for customers. The biggest challenge is doing business internationally, and the brand had to incorporate shopping for every currency and move from a cumbersome web platform to a single, streamlined site.

The Solution

The Scope of Their Involvement

The concept for the new website had already been done. The project turned into wireframing, which turned into dressed wireframing with Neuralab. The brand went into production, created a website, and iterated from there. The brand uses the WooCommerce platform on a WordPress website.

It’s heavily focused on the brand’s own design, which is a large part of the partnership with Neuralab. The brand knew how the site should look and feel. Neuralab ensured that everything worked technically and handled user flows. They would jump in and say exactly what to do when needed, but also incorporate our point of view on the brand experience. Neuralab steered the brand in the right direction, ensuring that the website will be effective.

Neuralab has also provided maintenance post-launch. Now, they’re more as a part of the organization. The team at Neuralab and Krešimir, their CEO, collaborate with the brand. They are very hands-on in their approach. When production begins, development team and lead communicate directly with the brand.

There has been a lot of custom work outside of the initial scope, related to the complexity of dealing with multiple currencies and payment systems, which aren’t always stable in countries outside of the US. The reporting ensures that the brand stays informed about the financial backend of the site. Also, using a less-common social media aggregator required custom coding in order to facilitate the real-time social media ingestion of the streams.

As the brand is a growing, almost a startup e-commerce company, many new promotions strategies are new to them. At times, the brand came up with an idea and tried to act quickly and nimbly. Neuralab jumped in and solved those technical problems, allowing the brand to execute quickly. 

The Status of This Engagement

Cooperation with Neuralab started in late 2015. The first launch occurred in late 2016, and the second launch is done in phases. The brand will continue to work on conversion optimizations and any iterations necessary for a full quarter afterward.

The Results

From a Project Management Standpoint

It seems that the company’s CEO rarely sleeps. 🙂 Supporting customers on the other side of the globe requires a lot of accommodation. Neuralab is probably available 18 hours per day. From a communications standpoint, they respond electronically almost immediately.

There is also a service-level agreement for bug management, which is performed within 1–3 hours of making a submission in the brand’s dedicated ticketing system. A Google Doc that serves as a backlog for tracking all the comments and timelines.

What Was the Most Impressive about Neuralab

The speed of service, flexibility, and consistent partnership. They’re an incredible service provider.

Recommendations That Might Increase the Likelihood of Success with Neuralab

For US firms, the recommendation is don’t be intimidated to work with Neuralab because they are not a local company. They’ve completely adjusted their way of working to meet clients’ needs. Their openness will help clients learn about their own business.