Linde Virtual Academy – Virtual Reality Firefighting

Delta Reality
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Linde, an industrial gas and engineering giant, reached out to us with a request to create a virtual reality firefighting training session for their Virtual Academy.

The Challenge

Linde, one of the leading industrial gas and engineering giants, reached out to us with a request to create a firefighting virtual reality (VR) training session for their Virtual Academy. As their main goal is to make their world more productive every day, such a session would enable a prompt reaction, even in the most unpredictable times, such as the worst-case scenario: fire in a process plant.

The Solution

Although this was quite a complex task, we kept it simple, thus creating a VR module to educate the field operator on how to react if such a catastrophic event occurs. During the process, trainees learn about various types of fire, and get to know different firefighting techniques, as well as how to apply them safely.

If a trainee responds incorrectly during a session, a visual simulation of the consequences occurs and the trainee gets to try again. Once again, practical training is the best possible way to prepare for such a risky situation where every single second counts.

The Result

The client was very pleased with the final product we produced for them.