Linzmarket Online Store

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The customer requested us to create a simple and user-friendly website that will increase internet sales.

About the Project

Creation of a new Linzmarket online store was preceded by an analysis of the existing online store, as well as by analysis of customers’ behaviour in offline optic stores and ophthalmologic offices. Here are the main outcomes of our study:


  • Approximately 80% of customers strictly follow the prescription of the ophthalmologist and regularly come back to buy the lenses of a specified type. They usually remember the name of lenses very well or can visually detect the packaging of lenses. The remaining 20% select the lenses on the spot.
  • For many customers, it is important not only to have the lenses with the required diopters but also with the required radius of curvature.
  • Among them are usually those customers who feel discomfort when wearing the lenses prescribed by an ophthalmologist, or those who would like to buy lenses at a lower price. In the store, customers often choose to buy colored lenses. While making a purchase, these customers mainly get focused on the type of lenses: daytime, continuous wearing, astigmatic, colored, etc.
  • Customers often buy a solution together with lenses.

Please find additional details of the analysis and implementation in the case study by clicking the link below.