Loeffler Randall: Connecting the Digital Dots in the Luxury Fashion Landscape

Major Tom
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We utilized eCommerce marketing campaigns to increase transactions, conversions and revenue while reducing ad spend.

About the Project

Creativity is at the core of everything that Loeffler Randall does. They are a deeply personal brand with a passion for building genuine connections with their customers, something they didn’t want to lose as they attempted to reach a larger audience online.

The Challenge

While Loeffler Randall already had a loyal following, they wanted to explore new paid media opportunities to share their expertly-crafted shoes and bags with a larger audience.

In addition to acquiring new customers, they wanted to deepen their connection with their audience, while staying true to their brand and the Loeffler Randall story.

The company was no stranger to digital marketing; however, they felt that their current campaigns weren’t running effectively. Part of their challenge to Major Tom was to not only expand their presence but also make them operate more effectively, increasing reach while also reducing return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

The Solution

Before we even began to think about how to improve Loeffler Randall’s digital marketing, we needed to understand why. Our project kicked off with a comprehensive discovery process: a deep dive into the brand to understand their goals, their current audience, and who their desired customer was.

We explored the challenge in granular detail, analyzing every platform individually so that we could build a picture of the behaviors, interests, and habits that drive both current and potential buyers.

We didn’t just stop at eCommerce, either. Our team of cross-functional specialists worked to understand the full spectrum of Loeffler Randall’s digital marketing so that we could tailor a strategic solution that complemented what they were already doing.

It was a holistic approach designed to build out a campaign that was efficient and effective, amplifying the brand’s existing digital marketing activity.

As a Google Premier Partner, we were also able to introduce Loeffler Randall to innovations that they didn’t even know existed yet. Using our early access to beta programs enabled them to take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they hit the market.

This activity went beyond paid media to finetune every area of their eCommerce presence. From optimizing their Google Merchant Center and their own site to enhancing their social media, we ensured that every aspect of their digital marketing was working together to drive people to the website and convert them to buyers once they were there.

The Results

Some of the highlights from our campaign include:

  • Increased transactions by 20% and increased ROAS by 40% while reducing year-on-year spend by 30%
  • Increased conversion rates by 152% and cross-device conversions by 36% while at the same time reducing cost per conversion by 37.7%
  • Generated over 20% in additional revenue from campaigns representing an increase in ROAS of 71.9%