Ludothe Group Website Design

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Creating the perfect landing page showing all of Ludothe’s interests globally.


After creating a perfect brand identity, there was a need to follow it up with a stunning landing page to show what the brand is all about.

Ludothe is very intentional with the perception they intend to create and live by, which is a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for.

The Challenge

There are several companies out there who claim to have a solid and trusted foundation, so there was a need to make Ludothe stand out uniquely from the pack.

We needed to present their different investment arms in a way that shows a company that it is both a jack and master of all the industries they have interest in.

They required something that will give an imperial look and feel while communicating trust and consistency to their clients and all who come in contact with the brand.


Having created the design system already, with constant communication with the top team at Ludothe, we went into research and design sprint which gave rise to presenting several sketches and then the high fidelity UI design.

All of this was done before writing the first line of code as we do not use templates (because of our promise of premium quality and uniqueness).

From the first line of code to the last we made the beauty that is


The result is a simple yet bold and unique web presence that accurately portrays what the brand stands for.