Luxury Adventures Web Development

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A UAE based client wanted a website that resonates with its ideology before its launch.


Luxury Adventures is our client in UAE that offers services in the tourism sector. Having a wider target market, the client wanted to have the data accumulated accurately to avoid any haphazard in the future. Also, they wanted to provide their customers with a smooth experience for their booking from any corner of the world with a single click. To fulfill this need, they reached WeUno to help them develop a website that entertains both; the admin as well as the user.


Before introducing itself in the market, the brand needed an information architecture and user interface for ensuring a smooth user experience. They offer various packages covering all the emirates of the UAE. Each emirate has different packages regarding the respective tourist activities available. They needed a well-structured and fresh website to represent them as well as store the necessary analytics regarding bookings.

Other than the booking details, the client wanted to keep the website SEO friendly for which interesting blogs were added that also help them in introducing details of the itinerary of their packages.

Our Solution

WeUno’s first approach while dealing with this brand was to create a strong brand identity that clearly depicts the brand message.

We used bold colors to represent a carefree and fun-loving attitude, yet refined font style to represent professionalism and reliability. To ignite the wanderlust, fascinating pictures of the tourist sites were also added inclusive of informative blogs related to UAE.

In this project, the user experience of the client was also ensured through an admin dashboard. The dashboard was concise and easy to use for keeping a check on the sales-generating trips and impressions on the web.

The Result

Luxury Adventures was quite satisfied with the addition of a remarkable asset for their brand. The easy-to-go booking options, as well as the fluent landing page, helped them capture the market as they desired. The smooth experience kept on increasing the visitors as well as their sales rapidly after their launch.