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Creating a new and modern online presence helped Manola Aesthetics reach a wider audience and do what they do best – put a smile on people’s faces.

About the Client

Manola Aesthetics is a family story started by Hrvoje and Melita. Manola, after more than 20 years of successful work in dental and aesthetic medicine. A modern studio for aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry and face aesthetics, Manola Aesthetics is a place where natural smiles are designed and clients are satisfied. In a way, you could say that Manola Aesthetics in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces and in the process giving them back the joy of life.

Manola Aesthetics fosters a personalised approach to all clients, treating each patient as unique, with patience, extensive experience and practice of their expert team. In their work, Manola experts use contemporary equipment and state-of-the-art technologies and strive for excellence in the service they provide.

Our Solution

When Manola reached out to us and wanted to refresh their online presence and create a modern, contemporary online presentation of their practice and their passion, we jumped at the opportunity. We wanted to make people smile, too. In our conversations and meetings with the client, we discovered many similarities in how we approach our clients and our work.

Listening to our client’s needs, we understood how deeply committed and detail-oriented they are in their work. With that in mind, we set our goals to mirror their values in creating and designing the website and to tell the story of Manola in a human, down-to-earth manner.

Manola’s website was fully designed and developed by our agency, which includes the front-end and back-end development. In the weeks and months following the launch, the website has won a number of awards for excellence, which was the ultimate confirmation that we successfully achieved what we set out to do.