MapTrack – Corporate Vehicle and Asset Management Solution

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Fleet management system provides vehicles’ real-time location status, full fleet metrics, maintenance scheduling, instant alerts, live analytics.


The client needed a new solution based on a fleet management system to track its vehicles’ locations around Europe and provide real-time analytics that allowed a more efficient exploitation of its valuable fleet and personnel resources and calculation of the number of fees to be paid by different types of vehicles based on route distances. The main challenge was to boost the system’s performance, enable multi-tenant architecture, support the program in hosted/on-premise mode and provide availability in multiple languages.


The implementation of our solution allowed the client to significantly lower costs and improve the effectiveness of operations: reduced unauthorized usage of vehicles, improved route efficiency and fleet productivity, and minimized fuel consumption.


  • real-time vehicle location tracking
  • fleet’s route optimization and logistics algorithms
  • automated reporting tool
  • online dashboard and analytics
  • smart repair alert system
  • real-time vehicle tracking
  • calculation of fees based on vehicle type and route distance