Marketing Automation transforms lead generation for Geospatial Analytics Company

The Brains
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Clever use of Automation, Irresistible Content & LinkedIn Ads were combined to triple SQL volumes for this satellite imaging company based in the UK.

About the Client

Our client, a leading provider of satellite monitoring solutions for diverse infrastructure and agriculture businesses, needed to reach new potential clients across a range of industries.

The Brains was tasked with building automated marketing funnels based on a persona-driven marketing strategy, designed to maximise the volume of high-quality leads and keep the cost per lead to a minimum. The target audience was incredibly niche, with prospects as obscure as ‘dam operation managers’ and ‘pipeline risk analysts.’

1. Content Strategy

We already knew that LinkedIn was going to be the ideal channel for acquiring high-quality leads, no matter how obscure, Linkedin is simply the best and most complete business database with over 500 million business people using the platform.

This channel had also shown promise based on the client’s previous campaign learnings and its extensive use for manual prospecting by the client’s new business team. With this in mind, the first step was to conduct a persona workshop in order to pinpoint the goals, challenges, pain points and objections of their ideal client across each sector.

2. Campaign Building

Once these insights had been gleaned, we then built out LinkedIn targeting information and designed ad copy for each persona, together with a lead magnet tailored to that particular persona group – filled with unique insights, learnings and tips that were beneficial for their specific demographic.

While the client’s industry seems dry on the face of it, we devised interesting titles for lead magnets that linked their solution to well known and empotionally charged infrastructure faliure events as well as positive case studies utilising technology like theirs.

Armed with our lead magnets, ad copy and targeting, we then set up the initial campaigns, launching with several variations of ad copy across each persona. By taking a content-strategy driven approach to our marketing, we were able to hone in on exactly the right messaging to convert prospects into leads and drive an impressive reduction in cost per lead for the client.

Once MQLs were generated through the advertising they were sent to persona specific lists in Pardot and followed around the internet with further lead magnets and articles, accruing higher lead scores for every positive action. Eventually, high lead score MQLs were invited to book a consultation or sent to the sales team for qualifications. We were able to generate 100 SQLs per month using these methods.

3. Ongoing Management 7 Analysis

Ongoing content strategy work included setting up additional campaigns based on extra personas, continuing to test and tweak ad copy, and workshopping possible blog and social media strategies to support the client’s wider online activities. We decided to set up an automated LinkedIn prospecting tool that took control of the client’s new business team’s Linkedin accounts and used the software to start conversations with the same prospects being targeted by the ads.