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Scheduling, notification, shipment and full medical records systems were developed integrated with separate booking systems used within the clinic.




A client approached us trying to solve one of the biggest problems of modern-day Japan: lack of time. Their idea was brilliant – build a fully customizable system that allows patients to have medical appointments via video call and receive treatment right away, bringing the user experience to a never-before-seen level.


Creating a custom tool that would be nothing short of a doctor’s visit required us to join forces with medical, legal, and business development teams. In the end, we developed something much more than an app – a code mosaic that supported both doctors and patients in the desire to save time without compromising on quality healthcare. A scheduling, notification, shipment and full medical records systems were developed and followed by the integration with a separate booking system used within the clinic.


The average productivity of the medical staff exceeded the initial expectations. With over 5,000 monthly users and a retention rate of 80%, the app exceeded expectations right from the start and now serves as the foundation for our client’s business model!  In just two years, this system helped our client supersede its competitors and opened new doors towards transforming the health-service business in the upcoming years.