MedLife Mobile App Development

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Our contribution meant developing an app that offers patients an easy-to-go-through user journey for specific needs regarding medical services.

About the Project

MedLife is one of the largest medical & health chains in Romania. It focuses on knowledge, growth, responsibility, and the latest technologies. Therefore, to support the brand’s claims and values, the mobile app has to provide users with a top experience, while focusing on the brand and its services.


Because of the medical background, it’s common for the user to interact with the app only in unpleasant situations. Yet, MedLife knows that health is more than the above context and wants to offer more. How does a complete experience with their services look? Interaction with the app involves health, tools to support the journey, wellness, lifestyle, and much more in one app.

Our contribution meant developing an app that offers patients a plain and easy-to-go-through user journey, when it comes to specific needs regarding medical services. We also offered MedLife the possibility to easily add extra developments in the long run and added value by providing users with benefits.

Our Approach and Solutions

Building a Modular-Structured Database for the App that Can Further Be Developed and Adjusted

We have chosen React Native for the development technology because it allows us to further easily develop extra features on both Android and iOS at once. This also means fast developments, shorter timelines and lower costs. We have also considered the possibility of integrating any third-party tool we may further need easily and securely.

Restructuring the User Journey to Allow Reservations

We have analyzed the current user journey and developed a new one, easier to track, that allows easy access to services and information, personal account data, appointments, and much more. Meanwhile, we kept MedLife’s current process of appointments and medical services management by integrating their API.

The design is easy to follow, with relevant and intuitive icons and quick access shortcuts to important information. Search covers multiple filters for quick access to the desired data.

The app brings users personalized responses regarding availability and costs, based on chosen filters and relevant personal account information, such as the subscription type.

Additional Development Nice to Have for the Client

The extra developments calendar has already been set in motion. It features unique tools that allow the app to further modify user interaction with medical services.

The updates aim to:

  • simplify the user’s interaction with health matters,
  • offer support for a healthy lifestyle,
  • provide easy access to tools and relevant information.

Our Results

The new MedLife mobile app offers users a complete and helpful experience with services, smooth processes, and extra tools and benefits.

The end product is an app that will further be developed and adapted to new trends, so it can always remain on top of its industry.