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At Miljayega, we strive to reunite you with your lost property or pet.

About the Client

Miljayega strives to reunite you with your lost property or pet. An extensive network of Miljayega community members work towards making the world a better place by keeping an eye out for a lost pet, missing child, or other belongings. They understand how stressful it is to lose an important document, a family heirloom, or a loved pet.


  • To upload each product with ease.
  • Ability to support a single page for each product.
  • Having an efficient means of uploading one or more products.
  • Steering customers towards reward products.


  • This is a very new concept, so it is very important to engage all the users towards this site.
  • Make the user flow so interactive that users do not face many problems.
  • User Flow will lead users exactly where they need with no hustle.
  • Have a good interface to make it different.

The Approach

  • We explored different types of lost and found platform. We also experienced a lot of user journey of the same.
  • We also tried some different other products and website to deliver our best experiences.
  • We learned how UI elements are placed in these websites/apps and noted down all the different types of interactions.

Different iconography and interaction make this product unique and show the worth of sites. Also, the easy-going user flow added to the cream.