Million Euros Campaign – Crowdfunding

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Communication strategy, plan, and execution for Medvedgrad Brewery one million euros crowdfunding campaign on Funderbeam crowdfunding platform.

About the Client

Medvedgrad Brewery is a family enterprise founded in Zagreb in 1994. Starting small, this first Croatian microbrewery quickly became popular, known for its tasty beers and a pleasant ambiance of its beerhalls, becoming a true beer institution. More than 20 years in the business has resulted in a strong and recognisable brand, with a large and loyal base of customers.

In order to meet the great demand, solve the lack of production capacities and set new standards in the brewing in Croatia, they’ve decided to take on a big project – the construction of a new state of the art brewery at a new location in Zagreb. Known for being a pioneer of craft brewing in Croatia, instead of traditional forms of investment such as loan or VC, the brewery management decided to go with an online crowdfunding campaign on platform. was selected to define & lead all communication activities related to the campaign.


  • To raise one million euros

Planned Campaign Duration

  • 15 days

To get the campaign live within 48 hours, we have decided to maximally utilise current fan base of the client, as well as all available crowdinvestment data. We have created a precise communication plan including all online, PR and live communication activities needed.

The Key Elements of the Plan

  • Harnessing the power of social media
  • Clear and focused narrative
  • Coordinated PR & media coverage
  • Continuous direct communication with potential investors
  • Hosting a local event and inviting all relevant media and potential investors to boost the campaign.

The Results

The crowdfunding campaign reached its maximum target of 1 Million euros earlier than planned, so we have closed it just 8 days after the launch.

It was Funderbeam’s most successful campaign ever. The campaign ended with 288 investors from 25 countries. The new brewery is opening in May 2019.