Mobile App Development for Cargo Service

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SolveIt built a full-stack solution for an on-demand product (Native iOS and Android apps, server, website).


Travel & Booking

App Description

Software solution for French startup about cargo delivering. Native mobile applications and web-portal to fully realize the potential of the “Uber for X” model.


  • Admin Panel Dispatcher
  • Dashboard Driver App
  • Client Booking App
  • Third-Party Payments Integration
  • Integration with


First of all, we analyzed the market and current solutions to develop the best concept and our UX/UI designer has created the layouts.

As we decided that the project will be 2 separate native iOS and Android and Web mobile applications for client and driver it was necessary to create a proper backend for the whole system to ensure 24/7 working capacity and avoid synchronization.

The most important stage was to test the whole system workflow under heavy loads. After QA processes apps were submitted to the Play and App stores.