Mobile App Development for Family Dental Center

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Application for monitoring dental health integrated with an electronic medical record in the dental center.

About the Client

Family Dental Center carries out medical activities and offers dental services. Their main goal was to facilitate work and always be in touch with clients and employees. So they decided to create a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and turned to SolveIt.

The Main Goal

To create the mobile app and the dashboard for better communication with the patient.


  • Create Native Mobile Apps for both platforms;
  • Create an easy-to-use dashboard for managing and controlling all the information about the treatment in the dental center;
  • Develop a dynamic survey to get opportunities to have reviewed from clients;
  • Test apps and push them to Play Market and Apple Store.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in developing a mobile app for a dental clinic was the assessment of the quality of customer service. It was necessary for the clinic to receive feedback from clients, which they couldn’t get from ordinary paper surveys. In addition, the dental clinic was aiming to increase the loyalty of current patients, as well as implementing a tool to attract new ones.

The Solution


Our team has carefully studied all the details and suggestions of the dental clinic. UX / UI designer has been prepared for options for the layouts. Since we agreed to coordinate each stage, we provided mockups of the future mobile application


Layouts were successfully agreed and our developers set to work. During the process, we decided that the clinic needed a dashboard.

The administrator can independently make any changes about the clinic on the desktop, tablet or mobile due to the dashboard. It is a convenient way to analyze the statistics of business. The administrator can add a new dentist or new promotion to the app without the help of a programmer.


The next step was to develop the dental chart. This application tool will solve the problem of increasing customer loyalty to the clinic.

The dentist can mark the extracted tooth or a cured one. The dental chart has also the history of the patient’s treatment with the date and procedure name.


Our team created a dynamic survey that would help the dental clinic comprehend the susceptibilities of patients. All information from the survey is contained in the dashboard and is expressed in graphs. This opportunity allows the clinic to quickly collect and analyze customer feedback on issues of interest to the clinic.


The final version of the application has detailed information about the center. Including information about the services of this clinic, specialists, and contacts. There is an option to remind clients about the scheduled appointments with a doctor.
We tested and launched apps into the Play and App stores.


Our development team uses modern technologies and frameworks to create a best-in-class software solution for dental centers.

We use:

  1. React (Frontend)
  2. Kotlin (Android)
  3. Swift (IOS)
  4. React Native (IOS/Android)
  5. Java (Backend)

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