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Mobile App Development for Voice-Recording Service

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SolveIt built Native iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as app for both WatchOS and WearOS

About the Project

Our client is an Israel start-up who decided to implement the idea of recording. Their main goal was to make recording a new level tool which would help you save all important moments of your life.

The Challenge(s)

The main challenge was to create a system that will automatically record all important moments and won’t discharge all of your battery for 2 hours. To implement this feature, it was necessary to develop a solution that uses voice recognition. The client also wanted to make it possible not only to listen to the messages but also to have them in text form. For this functionality, it was necessary to develop a module using speech recognition. Furthermore, security was one of priority feature for the client to make no other apps allowed to record. So we had a goal to make not only recording but also microphone protection service.

The Solution

After a conversation with the client, we decided to make not only mobile but also smartwatch solution. It is the most convenient way to use the service. The main functionality of the developed product is:

Recording Features:

  • Battery Use: the app was built to use as minimum resources as possible and so is the result (measurement show less than 0.3% battery consumption per hour).
  • Storage: using an advanced audio compression we are able to keep high-quality audio at a small size.
  • The app launches automatically at startup (after the phone was turned off)- no configuration required, for a real “always recording experience”.
  • Delete Mode: Allows you to go back, hear and delete unwanted records of your history.
  • Calls Recordings: easy access to all of your calls records (2-way call recording is not allowed on all devices)
  • Calendar Meetings Sync and Listen Later: In a press of a button, access the recordings of all of your calendar meetings, hear and share with the participants.

Main Privacy Features:

  • All of the recordings are stored locally on your device and deleted after 7 days, permanently. (except the saved or uploaded ones)
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Does not upload your recordings to our servers.
  • No one, but you, has any access to your recordings.
  • Does not allow other apps, such as Facebook/Google/Amazon Alexa, to use your mic, without your pre-approval/pausing The Third Ear. Turn off the microphone for other apps & use the app as a microphone shield.


For one year of life RYL gained next awards:

  • Top #1 productivity App, iOS Israel
  • Top #5 Category Grossing in the UK
  • Top #10 in the category in the US
  • Top #10 Lifestyle Apps in AU

This is a real example of how useful things work.