Mobile Apps for Healthcare

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Help Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients to easily and conveniently track their many symptoms, medications and manage their appointments with a wide variety of professionals

Educate and empower patients and support their healthcare professionals

Our Approach

Structured discussions to reveal the major concerns of CF patients were the accurate recalling of symptom occurrence, duration, frequency and the action taken

Determined the key issues, ongoing requirements and daily challenges CF patients, their carers and families face

Investigated if there were any existing materials available that could help inform the progress of a project in a more efficient and effective manner

Framed the proposed solution based on the information uncovered and knowledge revealed in our preparatory engagements with our client

Delivered Outcomes

Devised a patient checklist that patients use continually and find extremely helpful in managing their condition

Created a wireframe and application design based on the approved checklist

A mobile app. for both Android and iOS platforms based on the approved checklist with complementary appointment scheduling functionality

Patients can easily record relevant data when their recall is optimum and print a simple but detailed well laid out summary report

Patients are more educated and engaged about their personal health status empowering them to make better choices