Moda Afrik Website Design Project

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The fashion and retail brand Moda Afrik needed a website redesign to showcase its unique products and increase brand awareness.

About the Client

Moda Afrik is a fashion and retail brand based in Nigeria. They are a fast-rising male fashion brand who specialise in making ready-to-wear African kaftans for men.

The Problem

Moda Afrik was taking on the herculean task of introducing a relatively fresh product category into the African men’s fashion industry. The new category is ready-to-wear male Kaftan outfits which are traditionally only made bespoke and on request. But to successfully commandeer this major cultural shift in how African men buy Kaftans, they needed an online presence that made a statement, yet maintained simplicity and elegance which embodies the Moda Afrik brand.

In addition, Moda Afrik had set new ambitions, which included higher sales targets launching in new markets and exploring new marketing strategies.

Expected Outcome

The client expected to engage an agency that could clearly interpret their challenges and communicate their value propositions using clean and modern design guidelines. Website performance was also critical for the client, Moda Afrik needed an e-commerce website that was fast loading, easy to use, and has an overall great user experience.


Our team took a closer look at the existing website and recommended a complete redesign using a custom Woocommerce template and WordPress CMS to aid an easy handover to the Moda Afrik digital team.

These are the steps we took to provide the solution:

  • Wireframing & idea generation
  • UI & UX design
  • Integrating custom design into WordPress CMS
  • Implementing additional features into Woocommerce
  • Cross-platform and device testing
  • Image optimization
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Social media integrations

At Techinnover, we use the Agile approach in web application development so the project was broken down into 2-week sprints and the client was kept in the loop throughout the development process.


  • The client was impressed and satisfied with the new improved look and feel of the website.
  • We received early feedback on improved user experience and functionality.
  • The client can now receive payment directly from customers via the new website.
  • There was an increase in leads.
  • There was an increase in customer retention leveraging email capture integrated on the new website.

Other long term benefits our client will enjoy as a result of our solution include an increase in brand recognition and sales.